Life in General

Candle Life Hack

I was recently introduced to the term life hack as an innovative way to deal with a common life problem.  This is my “candle life hack.” 

I tend to accumulate a lot of candles which will no longer burn (due to a worn out wick), but still have lots of wax in them: 


I also tend to wear out blue jeans every few years, and consign them to the rag bag:


So, take your candles, and put them in hot (not boiling) water:


Then cut three long, thin strips out of the blue jeans and braid them together:


The braided jeans will become your wick. Set the wick in your chosen container, and fill with the now melted wax. Once the wick is saturated with molten wax you may have to pull it out and straighten it a bit. Then just prop it up and let everything harden.


Once it’s set, trim the wick:


I ended up trimming that wick a little more, the flame was too tall.  Then just be careful and attentive when you’re burning your candle – this is playing with fire, after all.


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