Gardening with Dogs and Other Plant Related Matters

The silver lining, OR, Screw it, it’s not like I can sell this place anyway

When I bought the house, I never imagined we’d stay here for more than five years.  However, my neighbor is selling her nearly identical house for 35,000 dollars less than we bought for, so I guess I’m stuck for a while.  Since I have no hope of selling, I am choosing not to worry about effecting my resale value.  I am choosing to garden exactly the way I want.

The first step is was turning the backyard mud pit into a doggie haven.  The dogs destroyed the grass, so I mulched everything.  I put in plants that will eventually block out all view of my neighbors.  I decided to keep my bog, and expand my meadow.  If I have to take them out in 10 years in order to sell, then whatever.  I’ll worry about it then.

I think I’m going to turn half of the front yard into a vegetable garden.  We don’t use it.  The dogs aren’t allowed out there.  It gets great sun.  Why not grow melons and peas, tomatoes and peppers, onions and potatoes?

I feel strangely liberated as a result of being trapped.  I can’t sell, but I can also garden the way I want.  And I’m the kinda girl who loves getting dirt under her nails.


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