Gardening with Dogs and Other Plant Related Matters

Have I mentioned my meadow?

I have a meadow!  And a bog!

My meadow is along the fence line, in the only sunny area in the backyard.  It is filled with native flowers and grasses.  Yes, the dogs do trample it and potty in it (oh, how they love to poo in it), but it’s holding up very nicely because the plants are naturally flexible.

late summer meadow The meadow!  It attracts birds and bees.

My bog is one of my favorite places.  It’s basically a hole in the ground, lined with pond liner, back filled with part of the dirt, and edged with rocks.  I learned the hard way that it’s best to build a little “shelf” for the rocks which will be partially submerged.  That was it the liner can’t be seen.   I have an electronic aerator that runs year round, keeping the water fresh.  In the fall I have to scoop leaves out.  Other than that I do no maintenance.  A bog is differentiated from a pond in that a pond is meant to be kept clean, and a bog is supposed to be dirty.

120416 bog in spring 2This is the bog in early spring.  As the season progresses, it gets more filled with plants.  

My dogs, despite being labs, have no interest in getting in the bog.  However, if they did get in it I would probably buy river rock and fill it to within three inches of the top.  That way even if they get in they don’t get soaked, and my water plants can still have a saturated environment to thrive in.


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