Gardening with Dogs and Other Plant Related Matters

Using dog paths to your advantage.

Trumpet vine is a deciduous woody vine.  There is a species that is native to China and a species that is native to North America.  From what I’ve heard, no matter which species you choose, it flowers beautifully.  And no matter which species you choose, it’s aggressive.  This is a plant that likes to take over.  It likes to send out runners.  It likes to go underground and surprise you with a shoot twenty feet away.  It likes to smother everything in it’s path, and even after you pull it it likes to re-establish itself from a tiny little piece of root that you didn’t realize was still in the ground.

So beautiful, such a pain in the ass.

So of course I planted some.  I have it growing up a trellis on the garage wall.  The garage is one of the places where the dogs have established a path.  If you don’t know what I mean, I mean this is an area where the dogs are constantly running back and forth on.  They’ve got the ground nice and hard.  I wouldn’t dream of trying to establish perennials or shrubs there, because I know they would just be trampled.  However, I’m counting on this doggie behavior to keep my trumpet vine at least partially contained.

It’s an experiment.  It has worked so far, but I’m only on year 2.  I will let you know how it goes.


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