Gardening with Dogs and Other Plant Related Matters

January 2014

It’s midwinter!  Things are going pretty well in the yard.  This time last year it was a disaster area.  Now it’s actually kind of nice, in an unconventional way.  So, we just survived the “polar vortex” with wind chills of 20 below.


A close up of my gardenia, which appears to have survived.

There’s really not much risk of mud when the ground’s frozen solid, or when it’s covered in snow.  However, four days after the vortex came through the temperature jumped to 50 degrees, all the snow melted, and it started raining.  It had been raining all day at the point I took these pictures:


Most of the yard is covered in mulch and leaves.  The mud is under control, and the yard can still handled the dog’s play. 


This spot is the exception. 

The yard looks good except for one spot – where the dogs like to do hard turns to run around the maple tree.  They have sent enough leaves and mulch flying now for there to be a bare spot.  I need to throw some mulch on top of it to keep the mud down.  Still, I’m counting this as an improvement.  The entire yard used to look like this.  It would be soup while it was raining, and then mud for a few days following.  Now I only have one spot to worry about.

When we decided to mulch the yard in spring of 2013 we didn’t know how often we would have to reapply the mulch.  I think we’re going to have to get another dump truck full of mulch in the spring.  The backyard doesn’t need as much as last year, but I have beds in the front that need redone.



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