Gardening with Dogs and Other Plant Related Matters

Summer 2014

It’s summer time!  Specifically, it’s August as I’m writing this.  The yard is holding up well – the mulch is keeping the mud down and requires next to no maintenance.  It has survived several heavy rainfalls without complaint.  I’m about to declare my mulch experiment a success.  Since I don’t have much to say, I’ll keep this entry short:

One ground cover has emerged as able to withstand the beatings of two playful labs: broad leaved plantain.  Even so, this plant hasn’t become established everywhere so I don’t think it’s a cure-all.

Last fall I let all the leaves in the backyard stay where they had fallen.  This year I noticed that the leaves had blown around and gathered under some of the smaller bushes, near the stems.  Once summer came this environment encouraged mold, which took out at least two of my plants.  This year I think I will mow the leaves, or find some other way to chop them up.  I’m still going to leave them on the ground because they’re such good organic matter.

In a previous post I wrote that I only did maintenance on my bog in the fall.  This has changed.  It’s located under an apple tree, so about once a week I use a leaf rake to remove apples, leaves, and algae from the surface of the water.  This material goes straight into my composter (which is just a few feet away).  It still only takes a few minutes every week, so I still consider the bog low maintenance.  I don’t know why bog gardening isn’t more popular, considering the payoff of growing amazing, beautiful plants (without the headaches associated with ponds).



Native water lily


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