Gardening with Dogs and Other Plant Related Matters

My vegetable garden

It look me a little longer than anticipated, but I finally have a lovely front yard vegetable garden, complete with raspberry bushes, a strawberry patch, and a peach tree.  I’ve been enjoying it!  Not only have I harvested a lot of food, but it’s a fun subject of conversation with the neighbors.  I’ve also been able to give away peaches, zucchini, and tomatoes.

I have six raised beds, five of which are annual beds (the other is strawberries).  They are planted in family groups:
1. The nightshade family
2. The parsley and onion families
3. The mustard family
4. The goosefoot and pea families
5. The melon and composite families

I intend to rotate the beds every year, so for instance bed #1 will contain nightshade plants every fifth year.


Ah, and pay no attention to the garlic in the foreground – that’s from last year before I expanded the garden and changed the layout.  Those stone lined in-ground beds are going to be herb beds going forward.  There are two in-ground beds behind the herb beds, closer to the camera, that are planted with raspberries.  Far in the distance you can see the newly planted peach tree.  You can’t see them from here but there are also two native hazelnut bushes, planted in the shade of the sycamore tree.


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