Career Break

Career Break: Week Two

I have been really lazy this week.

Here’s my excuse: my ear started hurting at the end of last week.  I tried to ignore it but by Saturday I was forced to go to the doctor.  She gave me antibiotics, but told me not to start them right away because if it was viral they wouldn’t do any good and it would just have to get better on its own.

It kept getting worse, so by Monday I started the antibiotics.  This is the first ear infection that I’ve had as an adult and I learned that ear infections suck.  The whole side of my face hurt.  It hurt to swallow.  It hurt to wear glasses.  It hurt to pull back my hair.  I got a low grade fever and a strong urge to nap.

So I napped.  And watched TV, and puttered around doing short bursts of activity before I got tired again.  The dogs still got walked on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Today’s Thursday and it’s been raining all day, so I’ve been even lazier.  I’ve been a content kinda lazy, though.  The rain is pitter-pattering, the light is grey and soft, and my sweet hubby bought be brownies.

Also, I’m starting to feel better.  My ear is still swollen, but most of my other symptoms are gone.  Next week I want to jump back up on the exercise wagon.

What did I learn this week?  It’s really easy to spend lots of time doing pretty much nothing.


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