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Apple red counter tops

My kitchen has apple red counter tops, and laminate cabinets with wood trim. I have never liked how the kitchen looks, but it’s not going to change because I’m not going to shell out thousands of dollars to fix an ugly, but functional, kitchen.

Now, I’m not shaming anyone who replaces their ugly but functional kitchen. The fact is that this house was never meant to be our forever-home, and I just don’t want to invest in it to that extent.

Anyway, it’s ugly.

Mysteriously, though, it got WAY less ugly when I quit my job. The ugliness didn’t bother my nearly as much. Interesting, huh? Even though I don’t stare at it with a burning hatred anymore it is still nice to have pleasant looking surroundings.

So, in case you’re stuck in a horrible kitchen that you don’t have the budget to fix, here are my suggestions, in order of priority.

1. Make your life so happy that a crappy kitchen doesn’t bother you. Easier said than done. Let’s move on.

2. Throw paint at it. My laminate cabinets were originally “antique white” (we found the paint can in the basement) but they looked more like “smoker’s white”. I painted them a whiter-white. It’s called cream in my coffee and it’s basically just white without being stark, industrial white. I also painted the ceiling and walls.

3. Find space for things you like. I have two pictures hung up, and I have three witches guarding the window sill. I have stuff in baskets, because I like baskets. I use pretty pottery to store stuff on the counter, because it’s not a very big kitchen and we have no choice but to store stuff on the counter.

4. If you have a kitchen table, find a table cloth that you love to look at. Mine is a curtain, but it’s super cute.

5. Rugs. When our dog (who is now 7) was a puppy he chewed up part of the laminate floor, exposing the very old laminate floor underneath. Enter, a cute rug that I love to look at. It’s actually an outdoor welcome mat, but since it’s rubber backed it stays in place really well.

6. Give in to that thing you hate. Let’s say for instance that you have horrible red counter tops but can’t change them, and they totally dominate the room. Accept the things you cannot change, and try to work with them.


So, yeah. My kitchen is still ugly, but it’s pleasing now. 🙂


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